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The American Association for Vocational Instructional Materials (AAVIM) is a non-profit association whose mission is to develop, produce, and distribute quality instructional materials for career education instructors, students, and administrators

Headquartered in Winterville, Georgia (seven miles northeast of Athens and 70 miles northeast of Atlanta), AAVIM began in 1949 as a consortium of several US states. The association was charged with reviewing agricultural teaching materials from multiple sources and providing them to the membership. While AAVIM continues as a consortium of states, we later expanded to include publications from other career areas, and later developed our own instructional materials to meet the growing demand for high-quality teaching resources.

AAVIM works extensively with educational institutions, industry groups, labor organizations, and businesses to create and provide instructional materials that are applicable in many different settings. AAVIM also publishes and distributes the popular Performance Based Teacher Education/Preparing Better Teachers for Tomorrow (PBTE/PBTT) teacher education packets. These modularized learning packets are the result of ongoing research and development by Ohio State University 's Center on Education and Training in Employment (CETE).

Though much has changed in half a century, our commitment to provide the highest quality materials for use by instructors and students remains the same.

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