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Science of Forestry Management

This fully illustrated text provides the fundamentals of forestry and is an indespensable resource for classroom, workplace or home. Science of Forestry Management helps the reader identify major tree species, tools and equipment, and forest disorders. It also discusses the forest environment and industry, safety practices,environmental and social factors in forest management, silvicultural practices, forest inventories, marketing strategies, and multiple-use opportunities. Science of Forestry Management is compatible with FFA's forestry career development event, and valuable in many other settings as well.

No. 400.6W (manual)
ISBN 0-89606-383-6


No. 400SW.6W (student workbook)
ISBN 0-89606-388-4


No. 400TG.6W (Teacher Guide)
ISBN 0-89606-387-7


Science Of Forestry Management CD

Forestry Management CDThe new AAVIM Science of Forestry Management CD contains all of the tree ID species, tree disorders and forestry equipment found on the current National FFA Forestry Career Development Event along with three PowerPoints. This will prove valuable when training local, state and national Forestry and Natural Resource teams for competition. The CD compliments instructional activities which are included in the Science of Forestry Management, No. 400 manual.

No. 400CD.6W
ISBN 0-89606-358-5


Handbook for Advisors of Career and Technical Student Organizations

Revised by Dr. Rosco Vaughn California State University, Fresno 175 pages, softbound, ISBN 0-89606-386-0, 5th edition A career and technical student organization relies upon an effective and informed advisor: defining organizational responsibilities, preparing students for competition, and supervising the local organization's finances. Handbook for Advisors of Career and Technical Student Organizations is an invaluable resource that provides the latest information from all ten career and technical student organizations, with photographs, illustrations, and sample worksheets.

No. 100.6W


Teacher Packet

Loose leaf punched for three ring binder (not included). Updated edition designed to be used with the 5th edition.

No. 100TP.6W

Planning Fences

First Edition/ISBN 0-89606-049-7
This text provides essential information for the first-time fence builder as well as professionals in fence construction. Information is presented on determining locations and layouts, setting up line posts, the various kinds of fences and materials, and construction costs. 84 pgs., 8.5 "x11", 84 illustrations.

No. 404.6W (manual)


Building Fences

First Edition/ISBN 0-914452-41-X
This text helps both the first-time and the experienced fence builder to construct a quality, permanent fence quickly and efficiently. Step-by step instructions are provided with detailed illustrations. 96 pgs., 8.5 "x11", 250 illustrations, 3 colors.

No. 405.6W (manual)


Surveying Skills

This computer-based training package provides students with a self-paced method for studying key surveying applications. It deals with such skills as profile leveling, note-taking, land measurement, site engineering, and grading techniques. Applicable in agribusiness and horticulture programs, this package can be adapted to classroom presentations, independent study, tutorials, and the laboratory.

No. 430CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5”)


Basic Plumbing Skills

Second Edition/ISBN 0-89606-352-6
This text outlines the fundamentals of plumbing tools, materials, and equipment with an emphasis on safety practices and code requirements. Ideal for student, apprentice, and homeowner, it includes more than 200 illustrations and photos, along with review questions (answered in the Teacher Key) Illustrated with over 200 line drawings, photographs and charts. Chapters contain study questions. A teacher answer key is also available. 68 pgs., 8.5” x 11”, over 100 illustrations.

No. 706.6W (manual)

No. 706TK.6W (teacher key)

Supporting Software

Basic Plumbing Skills software contains 114 questions taken from the text. Includes review, testing, printout, random selection and password lockout.

No. 706CD.6W (CD-ROM)


No. 706CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5”)


Arc Welding

lSBN 0-89606-359-3
This text provides the beginning welder with detailed information on equipment identification and selection, striking and running beads, and welding in the flat, horizontal, and overhead positions. Each chapter includes illustrations and review questions (answered in the Teacher Key).

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Lists of materials and equipment
  • Safety precautions
  • Reviews by certified welders
  • 80 pgs.; 8.5 "x11"; revised illustrations; Second Edition

No. 910.6W (manual)


No. 910TK.6W (teacher key)
ISBN 0-89606-313-5


Supporting Software

Learn arc welding facts easily through your review of fifty (50) questions derived from the Arc Welding publication. Test by chapter or design your own test. Includes review, testing, printout, random selection, and password lockout.

No. 910CD.6W (CD-ROM)


No. 910CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5")


Basics of GMAW & GTAW

This text provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Gas Metal Arch Welding (GMAW) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). Equipment and basic techniques are outlined for both types of welding; other topics include adjustment and operation, welding mild steel, welding aluminum, and welding defects. Each chapter includes illustrations, charts, tables, and review questions (answered in the Teacher Key).

No. 920.6W (manual)
ISBN 0-89606-286-4


No. 920TK.6W (teacher key)
ISBN 0-89606-297-X


Supporting Software

GMAW CD Basics of GMAW & GTAW software contains 79 questions taken from material in the text. Includes review, testing, printout, random selection and password lockout.

No. 920CD.6W (CD-ROM)


No. 920CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5”)


Developing Safety Skills for Shop or Home

This 100+ page text combines the elements of previous publications Developing Shop Safety Skills and Safety Color Coding for the Shop. Ideal for classroom use, industry safety programs, and self-study, it illustrates the safe use of tools, machinery, and equipment, building the reader's awareness of safety conditions and analytical skills. Developing Safety Skills for Shop or Home outlines the skills necessary to work safely with electricity, chemicals, and fire; teaches ladder safety skills; identifies ANSI safety color codes; and addresses safety skills for the workplace, laboratory, and home. A Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook are currently being developed.

No. 903.6W (text)
ISBN 0-89606-370-4


Developing Safety Skills for Shop
or Home CD-ROM Test Bank

Compatible with the popular ExamView computerized testing tool, this CD-ROM provides tests on all ten chapters of Developing Safety Skills for Shop or Home. It includes self-scoring study guides that provide immediate student feedback (requires Internet Explorer), and printable tests in both ExamView and Microsoft Word formats.

No. 903SWCD.6W (each)


No. 903SWCD5.6W (5 user pack)


No. 903SWCD10.6W (10 user pack)


Grounds Keeping Equpiment Vol. 1


No. 202OLD
ISBN 0-914452-09-6


Understanding & Measuring Power


No. 902OLD
ISBN 0-914452-48-7


Fuels & Lubricants


No. 102OLD
ISBN 0-89606-123-X


Safe Tractor Operation & Daily Care


No. 103OLD
ISBN 0-89606-056-X


Small Engines Vol. 1 Care & Operation


No. 108-1
ISBN 0-914452-23-1


Small Engines Vol. 2 Maintenance & Repair


No. 108-2
ISBN 0-914452-24-X


Planning For an Individual Water System


No. 600OLD
ISBN 0-89606-097-7


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