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Agricultural Field Equipment

ISBN 0-89606-291-0
This video presentation gives an in-depth survey of equipment used for tillage, planting, harvesting, and chemical application. Applicable to all regions of the US , it identifies and discusses equipment used for cereal grains, hay, tobacco, and cotton. VHS only, 30 min.
No. V150.6W (video) $62.95

Finding the Profit in Agriculture

ISBN 0-89606-271-6
This video is ideal for high school, college, and adult education programs as well as for anyone who seeks to better understand the essentials of agribusiness management. Identifies and discusses financial statements, cash flow, net income statements and many other essentials. VHS only, 30 min.

No. AP100.6W (video)


Program User's Guide And Review

A 32-page program user's guide and review manual designed to be used in conjunction with the video. Like the video, it is designed to kindle an interest in the importance of financial management in agriculture. Packed with information for the agri-business student or professional.

No. AP200.6W (user's guide)


Meats and Poultry CDE Preparation

AAVIM MeatAAVIM Poultry Two new CDs to prepare students for career developmant events in Meats and Poultry

Meats CDE Preparation No. 625CD.6W


Poultry CDE Preparation No. 725CD.6W


SAEP* Practice Record Book Problem

*Supervised Agricultural Experience Problem
ISBN 0-89606-301-1
This teaching aid gives instructors and students a learning exercise that is challenging and ready to use. It provides practice in all phases of record keeping. Reproducible printed text, three-hole drilled.

No. 125.6W (text)




This PC-compatable computer program allows the instructor to make changes to meet local needs, or to customize the problem for different students. Contains ten (10) files, each described in the SAEP Record Book Problem text.

No. 125CD.6W (CD-ROM)


No. 125CSI3.6W (IBM 3.5 ”)


AQUACULTURE, Farming the Waters

ISBN 0-89606-270-8
Aquaculture, the cultivation of water plants or animals for human use, is a rapidly emerging industry. This video presentation follows three popular aquaculture species through production, processing, and marketing phases. It provides an overview of the field while addressing specific financial and environmental considerations. VHS only; 30 minutes.

No. V525.6W (video)


Supporting Software

A software program based on information covered in the video shown above. Contains nine sections covering a total of 210 questions. An excellent teaching tool when used in conjunction with the video!

No. 525CSI3.6W (DOS IBM-PC, 3.5”)


No. 525CSW.6W (Windows, 3.5”)



Now you can have the Aquaculture video and review material on interactive CD-ROM! Includes the entire video combined with quizzes and review materials to assess student comprehension. A tracking module retains student scores and allows the instructor to evaluate student knowledge of the subject. Use alone or supplement with the Review Pak. For IBM/PC computers.

No. 525CD.6W


Review Pack

A packet of reproducible vocabulary exercises, review questions and suggestions for further study. A guide for related Internet resources is also included and a low cost addition to your Aquaculture learning aids. 

No. 525RP.6W $13.95

An Introduction to Soilless Agriculture

ISBN 0-89606-290-2
Hydroponics, the practice of growing plants without soil, is depicted in this video presentation both in water-based systems and inert growing mediums. This video reviews the types of crops currently grown hydroponically, ways to get started in hydroponics, and the outlook for hydroponics ventures. It is appropriate for junior and senior high, college, and vocational school students as well as professionals and hobbyists. VHS only; 30 minutes.

No. V600.6W (video)



Also available is a software program based on the information covered in the video. Contains questions for student review, testing and scoring.

No. 600CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5 ”)


No. 600CSW.6W (Windows 3.5 ”)



An interactive program that includes the complete Hydroponics video combined with quiz and review material. A quiz to assess student comprehension follows each of the 6 segments. A tracking module retains student scores and allows the instructor to evaluate student knowledge of the subject. A great interactive resource to be used with the video and Review Pak or can stand alone. For IBM/PC.
No. 600CD.6W $84.95

Review Pak

A reproducible packet of vocabulary exercises, review questions and suggestions for further study. Includes a guide for related Internet resources. An inexpensive aid to use with your Hydroponics study program.

No. 600RP.6W


Safety Color Coding for the Shop

First Edition/ISBN 0-89606-063-2
This text is designed to acquaint teachers and students with US standards for shop safety color-coding, and to help implement a coding system in their own shop. Applicable in school or industry settings, it depicts safety colors, focal colors, and color-coding for piping systems. 28 pgs., 8.5 ”x11”, 79 illustrations, 4 colors.

No. 904.6W (manual)


Planning for an Irrigation System

Second Edition/ISBN 0-914452-44-4
Developed for the student or professional who seeks to work in agriculture, agribusiness, or irrigation systems, this text describes the most efficient irrigation systems and profitable uses of water. 120 pgs., 8.5 ”x11”, 171 illustrations, 4 colors.

No. 501.6W (manual)


Applying Pesticides

Third Edition/ISBN 0-89606-244-9
This text is designed both for pest-control professionals and individuals concerned with safe application ofpesticides. It includes information about pesticide selection, application methods, protective clothing, and equipment. 80 pgs., 8.5 ”x11”, 100 illustrations, 2 colors.

No. 204.6W (manual)


No. 204TK.6W (teacher key)


Supporting Software

Contains 100 questions for student review and testing. lnstructors are able to randomly access questions for review or testing.

No. 204CD.6W (CD-ROM)


No. 204CSI3.6W (IBM-PC, 3.5 ”)


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